Deakin University HDR RTP Scholarship 2024/2025, Australia

Deakin University, a renowned educational institution located in the heart of Australia, is a vibrant hub of learning and innovation. With a consistent dedication to providing top-tier education and nurturing academic excellence, it has established itself as a prestigious academic center.

Located in the stunning landscapes of Australia, Deakin University offers a diverse range of academic programs, thoughtfully designed to cater to the unique interests and aspirations of students from around the world. The university’s commitment to fostering talent and academic growth shines through its cutting-edge curriculum, esteemed faculty, and state-of-the-art facilities.

Moreover, Deakin University takes great pride in creating a supportive academic environment. The institution goes above and beyond to ensure student success by providing a range of academic support services, including tutoring, writing centers, and academic advising. These resources are in place to empower students and help them excel in their studies.

Scholarship Description :

  • Host University: Deakin University.
  • Host Country : Australia.
  • Study Level: Postgraduate and PhD Level.
  • Scholarship Type : Partial Funding.
  • Scholarship Worth: Ranging from $500 to $30,000.
  • Eligible Countries : International Students.
  • Subjects Available: Arts and Education, Business and Law, Health, Science, Engineering and Built Environment, Frontier Materials, and Intelligent Systems Research and Innovation.
  • Application Deadline: The Scholarship is open.

The HDR RTP Scholarship, also known as the DUPR Scholarship, is now accessible to international, postgraduate, and PhD students in various fields, offering them the chance to pursue their studies at Deakin University, Australia.

Scholarship Benefits:

The HDR RTP Scholarship, or DUPR Scholarship, offers a comprehensive package of financial support and allowances to enhance students’ academic journeys. The 2024 scholarship provides a tax-exempt stipend of $30,000 per year, allowing students to focus on their research without financial worries.

For those relocating to Deakin University from other regions or countries to pursue their studies, there is a relocation allowance ranging from $500 to $1,500, recognizing the challenges of moving and aiming to ease the transition, whether you are a single student or relocating with your family.

Foreign students, especially, gain from the Single Overseas Student Health Cover policy during their student visa period, granting them access to vital healthcare services.

The length of these scholarships fluctuates depending on the pursued degree:

  • Doctoral Degree students receive stipends for 3 years, while their tuition fees are covered for 4 years. For Research Master’s Degree students, the stipend is granted for 2 years, along with coverage of tuition fees for the same duration.

Eligibility Requirements:

To be eligible for an RTP Stipend, RTP Fees Offset, RTP Allowance, or DUPRS, students must be enrolled in a Higher Degree by Research (HDR) program at Deakin University, regardless of their nationality as domestic or international students.

  • To qualify for an RTP Fees Offset, it’s essential not to possess a similar award or scholarship from the Commonwealth designated to cover Higher Degree by Research (HDR) fees. This guideline ensures a fair distribution of financial support among eligible candidates.
  • Prospective recipients of an RTP or DUPRS Stipend should not currently receive income from another source to cover their regular living expenses during their study tenure, especially if that income surpasses 75 percent of the RTP or DUPRS Stipend rate. However, any income unrelated to the student’s course of study or income received specifically for academic purposes, not intended for general living expenses, will not be considered during this evaluation.

Application Process:

HDR students currently enrolled have the opportunity to submit an application for an RTP or DUPRS Stipend, with the evaluation process overseen by the Faculty/Institute. Please be aware that students who have completed more than three years of their doctoral program or two years of their master’s program (or the equivalent for part-time students) are ineligible to apply for this opportunity.

In sum, this scholarship opportunity reflects Deakin University’s unwavering commitment to fostering academic excellence and providing students with the resources they need to succeed in their educational journey, while also embodying the institution’s dedication to innovative education and a supportive academic environment.

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