How To Apply for Barcelona Football Academy Scholarship

FC Barcelona, often referred to as Barça, stands as a global football powerhouse and an embodiment of sporting excellence. Nestled in the heart of Catalonia, this esteemed club boasts a rich history dating back to its inception in 1899. Renowned for its mesmerizing style of play, Barcelona has cultivated a footballing philosophy centered on possession-based, attacking football known as “tiki-taka.” This approach emphasizes intricate passing, movement, and collective teamwork, reflecting the club’s commitment to skillful, beautiful football.

The club’s emblematic stadium, Camp Nou, serves as a cathedral of football, echoing with the roars of passionate supporters on matchdays. Barcelona has been a breeding ground for some of the most celebrated footballers in history, with iconic figures like Lionel Messi, Xavi Hernandez, and Andres Iniesta among its illustrious alumni. Beyond its success on the pitch, FC Barcelona also upholds a commitment to social causes and community development, with initiatives like the FC Barcelona Foundation driving various social programs globally.

Barça’s impact extends far beyond the football field, influencing the game’s evolution and inspiring millions worldwide. With its storied legacy, dedication to attractive football, and unwavering commitment to its community, FC Barcelona remains a symbol of sporting prowess and a testament to the beautiful game’s enduring magic.

About FC Barcelona Football Academy:

The FC Barcelona Football Academy, known as La Masia, represents an iconic institution revered for nurturing footballing talent. Situated at the heart of the club’s ethos, La Masia has served as the cradle for cultivating young players, emphasizing not just skill development but also instilling the famed Barcelona playing style. This renowned academy has fostered some of the sport’s most prodigious talents, emphasizing a holistic approach that blends technical training with tactical understanding and personal growth. La Masia stands as a symbol of Barcelona’s commitment to youth development, consistently producing skilled athletes who embody the club’s footballing philosophy.

What is the fee for joining the Barcelona Football Academy?

Annually, the expense is around $75,000 for enrollment. Nevertheless, if you manage to make a lasting impression on the scouts, the academy offers assistance with these expenses.

The Barcelona academy ensures that the expense of joining doesn’t hinder aspiring talents from receiving training. Simultaneously, they guarantee that the fees paid equate to the value of the high-quality training imparted at the academy.

Advantages of Applying for the Barcelona Football Academy Scholarship

The Barcelona Football Academy employs elite coaches, fitness specialists, and academic professionals to impart essential skills in the sport. Alongside technical training, the academy instills values like sportsmanship, effective leadership, and mental fortitude in its players.

Exceptionally talented individuals may earn opportunities within the club or be scouted by clubs expressing substantial interest. Barcelona aspires to cultivate the next generation of football stars, akin to legends like Lionel Messi. Hence, promising players showcasing remarkable potential are granted scholarships within the academy to inspire them to reach greater heights in their athletic journey.

Barcelona Foundation Scholarship Requirements

The criteria for these scholarships align closely with standards seen in Football Scholarships for International students, emphasizing financial need and academic prowess. Here’s an overview of the requirements:

  • Academic Reports: Applicants must provide high school grades and teacher recommendations.
  • Athletic Evaluation: Passing an Athletic Test conducted by a Barcelona Foundation-affiliated soccer academy is mandatory.
  • Financial Need: Eligibility includes children under Medicaid and those benefiting from free or reduced school lunch programs.
  • Family Financial History: Reviewing family tax records is part of the application process.
  • Exclusions: Individuals with existing scholarships or ongoing Football Academy trials are ineligible to apply.
  • Targeted Applicants: The application primarily focuses on households with low incomes.
  • Conduct and Academic Performance: Submission of recent report cards or formal school letters detailing conduct and grades is necessary.
  • Athletic Achievement: Successful completion of a Player Assessment from partner soccer academies is required.
  • Financial Information: Detailed records of family income from various sources are necessary for assessing financial need.
  • Documentation: Submission of both parents’ tax returns, W-2s, or any official financial documents is mandatory.
  • Academic Standards: Proof of satisfactory grades (no failing grades, minimum grade C) and attendance records from the school.
  • Medicaid Eligibility Proof: Optional documentation to validate Medicaid eligibility.

Applying For Barcelona Academy Scholarship online:

To apply for a scholarship at the Barcelona football academy through their online process, adhere to these guidelines:

    1. Complete the Barcelona Academy’s online Application Form designated for Sponsorship/Scholarship. Only shortlisted candidates will receive further communication.
    2. Ensure accurate and complete details are provided as requested in the form.

    1. Attach the necessary documents by dragging and dropping them into the online application form.

  1. Finalize your application by clicking the ‘send application’ button to enroll in the online Scholarships trials.

It’s important to note that the Barcelona Foundation requires a letter from the child’s school showcasing good conduct, a letter grade of C or higher with no failing grades, and satisfactory attendance.

All information furnished in the online application form remains confidential and will solely be utilized to assess eligibility for a need-based Scholarship. These requirements mirror those commonly found in most European football scholarships. Moreover, these Scholarships encompass all expenses until the candidate turns professional.

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